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The Contented Dementia Trust helps those who have already been diagnosed with some form of dementia, and their carers, for whom practical help and resources are more important than research into prevention and cure. To the...


Finding a way

We are delighted to announce the release for sale of our dementia care film, ‘Finding a Way to Contented Dementia’. The film follows the stories of 6 carers talking about their experiences of looking after...

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e-Learning Fundraising Appeal

The Contented Dementia Trust hopes to raise £25,000 to develop and launch an online e-learning training programme to teach the basic stages of understanding and implementing the SPECAL method for managing dementia. The SPECAL method...

The Contented Dementia Trust and SPECAL


The Contented Dementia Trust is a small charity with a huge aim – to promote the lifelong well-being of people with dementia. We achieve this through the teaching and use of the SPECAL method, which…read more

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After almost a year at sea 19 year old Sophie Hetherton is now back on dry land and at home reacquainting herself with her family and friends. It has been an amazing year full of…read more

On 28th and 29th June a remarkable young man called Jez Rose is coming to Burford to give the Contented Dementia Trust home a thorough makeover, both inside and outside the buildings. Jez has made…read more

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