Contented Dementia Trust Launch

Penny Garner with Andy Cowles

The Contented Dementia Trust hosted an event at IPC Media’s offices on the evening of 27th March. After enjoying the wonderful view of St.Pauls from the 10th floor of the Blue Fin Building, a glass of wine in hand, we moved to the theatre for the formal announcement of our new name by our founder, Penny Garner, and an introduction to our new branding designed by IPC Media’s Editorial Development Director, Andy Cowles.

Neil Robinson with Penny Garner

Neil Robinson, IPC’s Digital Director, unveiled the brand new website designed by IPC’s Digital Team, and Kate Sturgess introduced a short excerpt from the understanding dementia film.  made by herself and Alistair Briggs.

In conclusion, Penny Garner said, “Our vision is for a world where a diagnosis of dementia is no longer feared. We have twenty-one years of powerful anecdotal experience that the SPECAL method works, and we must now back this up with a rigorous evaluation of its efficacy. We shall not rest until every person diagnosed with dementia has the opportunity of knowing about the SPECAL method and what it can achieve for everyone concerned.”