Contented Dementia Trust & Cedars Castle Hill Celebration

Trustees of Cedars Castle Hill with Penny Garner

On Friday 11th May Penny Garner was the guest speaker at the AGM of the Cedars Castle Hill charity in the historic Town Hall in Shaftesbury, and a guest at the dinner which followed.  This was all part of the celebration to mark the successful completion of the Gold Standard Framework in Care Homes project by the Cedars Castle Hill staff, with its focus on end of life care.  The delegates included staff at the charity’s care homes, people with dementia, family carers, benefactors, district nurses and staff from local Older People’s services. 

There were many areas of common ground between Contented Dementia Trust and Cedars Castle Hill to explore – both charities have recently been re-branded, and both have strong historic connections with their local cottage hospital.  

Sara Jacson, trustee of Cedars Castle Hill, said “I found the book Contented Dementia fascinating and would like our staff and families to know more about it.”  Penny Garner summed up the evening:  “Our two organisations have so much in common, including a passionate interest in person-centred care and its application to both dementia care and palliative care.  It has been an exciting meeting and we look forward to building up our relationship in the future.”